Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train – Raise Your Hands

Lenny Fontana

Lenny Fontana

Lenny Fontana, a DJ-Producer and one of the truest legends of House music through from the 90’s to today, who as a young dance music fan danced on many of the legendary New York dancefloors then never letting go of his passion for Disco, Garage into House music, became, as many before him, blessed with the ability to produce the music he loved and have it played by the best DJ’s around the world.
His journey has been remarkable and true to his heart in the same manner that his inspiration, the Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles lived – music first.
The very latest wizardry from Lenny sees him join forces with another globally famous dance music name, one James ‘D-Train’ Williams. Together they have created a brand new song called “Raise Your Hands” for the dance floors and dance music radio shows to present to their audiences around the world in the knowledge that the spirit of true disco, garage and house music lives on from 1975 into 2015 delivered by the hands and voices of those that have given their souls to a journey that inspires millions of music fans to lift their spirits.
“Raise Your Hands” for two masters of their craft.

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